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The place to start for reliable foster care resources from around the Web.

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Resource aggregation

We build our library from multiple online sources, using a combination of automated and human infused techniques. Each item in our library has been submitted by vetted curators who work to support youth in the foster care system and those who care for them. We also allow you to 'upvote' and suggest tags that might be appropriate. Our goal is to collect the best and label it so that you can quickly find what you're looking for!

Open + crowd powered

Anyone can use it, anyone can contribute. We have an open API that we encourage you to embed in YOUR sites and apps. We allow you to link to online spreadsheets, so that you can contribute easily without programming experience. Everything is open source, Apache licensed. We are also looking for curators -- are you interested?

Technology driven

The core platform for The Starting Line is derived from a general lightweight CMS for online resource aggregation. We combine information extraction, retrieval, and analytical technologies to make the system more powerful and more timely than any manually built collection.